Chloro::Result::Group - A result for a single group


version 0.07


    my $group_result = $resultset->result_for('group');

    for my $field_result ( $group_result->results() ) {
        print $field_result->field()->name() . ' = ' . $field_result->value();


This class represents the result for a single repetition of a group after processing user-submitted data.

A group result is like a miniature Chloro::ResultSet object, and shares some methods with that class, because it contains the results for more than one field.


This class has the following methods:


The constructor accepts the following arguments:

  • group

    The Chloro::Group object for this result.

  • key

    The key associated with this group. This is a single value from the values in the associated Chloro::Group object's repetition_key field.

  • prefix

    The prefix for each field in this group. This will be the group name and key separated by a period ("."), something like "phone_number.42".

  • results

    This should be a hash reference where the keys are field names and the values are Chloro::Result::Field objects.


Returns a list of Chloro::Result::Field objects for the fields associated with this repetition of the group.


Given a field name, returns the Chloro::Result::Field object for that field. Note that for this API, you can simply pass the field's name without a group prefix.


Returns the key associated with this group result.


Returns the field prefix for this group result.


This returns true if none of the fields in this group's result have any errors.


Returns the result as a key/value pair, where the keys are field names (without prefixes).


This class does the Chloro::Role::Result and Chloro::Role::ResultSet role.


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