Class::DBI::SAK - Class::DBI Swiss Army Knife (SAK)


  use Class::DBI::SAK qw[:common :mysql FromCGI];


This module encapsulates the pain and suffering that is importing Class::DBI and all it's little helper friends.


By taking the busy work out of using Class::DBI as you see fit, your code becomes more useful by size. Most of us end up using at least a couple Class::DBI extensions in our programs, and it's just a pain. Enter the Swiss Army Knife.

This module is intelligent. It knows how each module is supposed to be used, and which ones override the need to use base qw[Class::DBI].

Class::DBI::SAK is not a subclass of Class::DBI. If you want to subclass Class::DBI you do the following.

  use Class::DBI::SAK qw[:useful];
  use base qw[Class::DBI];

Also, Class::DBI::SAK installation recommends that you install the described in the :useful tag. No modules described in Tags or Modules are bundled with this distribution. They must be installed by you if you want to use them.


Tags may be specified either by groupings, begining with a colon (:), or by the name of the module following the Class::DBI:: prefix.

Tags are available for all modules in the Class::DBI namepace, where it makes sense to do so, as of the date of this distribution.

All modules are mentioned without the Class::DBI:: prefix for brevity.



All the modules specified in this module. This couldn't possibly be useful to the end user (you) since so many of them conflict.


Modules that are generally useful all the time. AbstractSearch, and Pager. This is the default if no tags are given at all.


Modules for widened support for Mysql. mysql, mysql::FullTextSearch.




First, this module could get out of date easily. This is due to the nature of the uses of each of the modules. They are not consistent, so I have to know about each one. Please submit a bug report if you find this module out of date.

Second, no known bugs.

Send bug reports to


Casey West, <>


Copyright (c) 2003 Casey West. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


perl, Class::DBI.