Class::Inheritance - get and set inheritance values for a class.


  use Class::Inheritance;
  my $ci = new Class::Inheritance;

    # Example class and method. Change to the class and method you want.
  my $class = 'CGI';
  my $method = 'param';

  print $ci->source('class'=>$class, 'method'=>$method); 
  print $ci->tree('class'=>$class); 
  print $ci->sources('class'=>$class, 'method'=>$method); 
  print $ci->tree_children('class'=>$class, 'method'=>$method,);
  print $ci->subclasses('class'=>$class);
  print $ci->source_all('method'=>$method);
  print $ci->trees_all('method'=>$method);
  print $ci->tree_children('class'=>$class, 'method'=>$method);

    ### Do not use these methods. 
  $ci->function_in_isa('class'=>$class, 'method'=>$method);
  $ci->method_return_type(method'=>$method, list=>[]);


  Class::Inheritance tries to get all the information you would ever 
  need regarding inheritance and multiple inheritance for classes. 
  The main focus of the module is to ask "From which class did this
  method come from?".

  NOTE: You MUST have the classes loaded in order for them to be 
  searched. In the future, there will be options for it to scan all 
  modules loaded on your system -- but it does not do it yet. 

  The current state of Class::Inheritance is alpha-quality material. 
  The code is going to be ripped apart and redone, but the basic
  methods should remain. It most likely will take heavy use of 
  Class::Inspector in the future. 

  Setting values for classes is not implemented yet. 


    Options common to most methods. 

  1. "return_type" can have the values "", "list", or "string". 
       Default "string".
  2. "class" is the name of the class in question. Also, defaults
     to "package" if defined. 
  3. "package" contains the class you are looking for. Most of the 
      time you do not need to specify this. Defaults to "class".  

    Options for the object. 

  1. "debug" will turn off and on the debug levels. 
  2. "format" has the options of "" or "simple". "simple" returns
     a string ready for printing. 



   Returns the name of the class which this method came from. Only 
   searches loaded classes.


  This returns the inheritance tree for a class. Only searches
  loaded classes.
  Returns all the classes in the inheritance tree of a classes has
  this method defined. This does not include classes which inherited
  the method. Only searches loaded classes.


  Returns the classes which inherit a method from a class. Only 
  searches loaded classes. 


  Returns all the loaded subclasses for a class. 


  Returns all the sources for a method from the loaded classes. 
  This will search all loaded classes. Any class that has this
  method defined (not inherited) should be in this list. 


  Returns all the trees of classes which contain a method. Only 
  searches loaded classes. 


        Mark Nielsen


Copyright (c) 2004 Mark Nielsen. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.

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