Author image Matthew Simon Cavalletto


Class::MixinFactory::NEXT - Superclass method redispatch for mixins


  use Class::MixinFactory::NEXT;

  package My::BaseClass;  
  sub foo { return "Foo Bar" }

  package My::Logging;
  sub foo { warn "Calling foo"; (shift)->NEXT('foo', @_) }

  package My::MixedClass;
  @ISA = ( 'My::Logging', 'My::BaseClass', 'Class::MixinFactory::NEXT'; );

  package main;
  print My::MixedClass->foo();


Enhanced superclass method dispatch for use inside mixin class methods. Allows mixin classes to redispatch to other classes in the inheritance tree without themselves inheriting from anything.

Public Methods

This package defines one method, named NEXT.

  $callee->NEXT( $method, @args );

Searches the inheritance tree of the callee until it finds the package from which NEXT is being called, and then continues searching until the next class which can perform the named method.

Unlike SUPER, this method will backtrack down the inheritance tree to find implementations later in the search path even if they are on a separate branch.


This class is automatically included by Class::MixinFactory.

This is similar to the functionality provided by NEXT::ACTUAL, but without using AUTOLOAD; for a more generalized approach to this issue see NEXT.

For distribution, installation, support, copyright and license information, see Class::MixinFactory::ReadMe.