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CloudDeploy - A toolkit for building and managing AWS CloudFormation stacks


CloudDeploy is a toolkit to build and manage CloudFormation stacks. It has tools at various levels: - A base class to build an object model of a cloudformation stack and CCfnX::Shortcuts - A DSL to develop cloudformation stacks

clouddeploy - a command line util to deploy and manage cloudformation stacks

imager - a command line util to build and manage EC2 AMIs

The CloudDeploy project was born in 2013 as an internal tool developed at CAPSiDE to help us manage all the cloudformation stacks for us and our customers. We built it generic enough to be used outside of our organization, and are now opening it to the larger community.

This is a partial release of the tool that we have been developing (and using) daily, sadly the documentention is still internal. You're free to tinker around and ask questions. In the meanwhile we'll be working on properly converting our internal documentation to community-usable documentation, and getting the whole toolkit usable by the larger community. Your feedback is more than welcome.


Jose Luis Martinez


Sergi Pruneda, Miquel Ruiz, Luis Alberto Gimenez, Miquel Soriano, Hamilton Daniel Cesario, Eleatzar Colomer, Oriol Soriano, Diego Fernandez, Roi Vazquez, Sergio Lopez, Loic Prieto, Enric Font, Joan Maldonado.


Copyright (c) 2013 by CAPSiDE SL

This code is distributed under the Apache 2 License. The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.