Color::Theme::Role - Role for class wanting to support color themes


This document describes version 0.020 of Color::Theme::Role (from Perl distribution Color-Theme-Role), released on 2018-02-25.


This role is for class that wants to support color themes. Color theme is represented as a structure according to the specification described in Color::Theme.

Color theme module. Color themes are put in modules under Color::Theme::Themes:: (configurable using color_theme_module_prefix attribute). Each color theme modules can contain one or more color themes. The module must define a package global variable named %color_themes that contain color themes keyed by their names. Example:

 package MyProject::ColorThemes::Default;

 our %color_themes = (
     no_color => {
         v => 1.1,
         summary => 'Special theme that means no color',
         colors => {
         no_color => 1,

     default => {
         v => 1.1,
         summary => 'Default color theme',
         colors => {


color_theme => HASH

Get/set color theme.

color_theme_args => HASH

Get/set arguments for color theme. This can be

color_theme_module_prefix => STR (default: CLASS + ::ColorTheme::)

Each project should have its own class prefix. For example, Text::ANSITable has its color themes in Text::ANSITable::ColorTheme:: namespace, Data::Dump::Color has them in Data::Dump::Color::ColorTheme:: and so on.


$cl->list_color_themes($detail) => array

Will search packages under color_theme_module_prefix for color theme modules, then list all color themes for each module. If, for example, the color theme modules found are MyProject::ColorTheme::Default and MyProject::ColorTheme::Extras, will return something like:

 ['Default::theme1', 'Default::theme2', 'Extras::extra3', 'Extras::extra4']

$cl->get_color_theme($name) => hash

Get color theme hash data structure by name. Note that name must be prefixed by color theme module name (minus the color_theme_module_prefix).

$cl->get_theme_color($item_name) => str

Get an item's color value from the current color theme (will get from the color theme's colors hash, then the $item_name key from that hash). If color value is a coderef, it will be

$cl->get_theme_color_as_rgb($item_name, \%args) => str|hash

Like get_theme_color, but if the resulting color value is a coderef, will call that coderef, passing %args to it and returning the value.


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