Config::DBI - database connection support via Config::ApacheFormat files


In .cshrc:

  setenv DBI_CONF dbi.conf

In dbi.conf:

 # Pass may be a password, or <STDIN> in which case, the password is 
 # is prompted for:

 Pass        <STDIN>

 # Connect attribute

 # dbi_connect_method is a standard part of DBI. Its casing does differ from
 # all other attributes, but I did not create the DBI spec, I am simply
 # following it:

 # Other options for this value are: connect_cached, Apache::DBI::connect

 dbi_connect_method connect

 # Attributes common to all handles and settable
 # Listed in the order given in the DBI docs.

 Warn 1 
 PrintError 0 
 PrintWarn 1
 RaiseError 0 
 HandleError  Exception::Class::DBI->handler
 HandleSetErr sub { my ($handle, $err, $errstr, $state, $method) = @_; }
 ShowErrorStatement 1
 TraceLevel 0
 FetchHashKeyName NAME_lc
 ChopBlanks 0
 LongReadLen 0
 LongTruncOk 0
 TaintIn 1 
 TaintOut 0
 # omit Taint (shortcut to set both TaintIn and TaintOut)
 Profile 0
 # Attributes for database handles
 AutoCommit 0
 RowCacheSize 0
 # Connection info

 # Description of a database we would like to connect to

 <DBI basic>
  DSN              dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb
  User             postgres
  AutoCommit  1

 # Description of another database

 <DBI basic_test>
  DSN   dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb_test
  User  test
  Pass  test

In Ye Olde Pure Perl Programme:

  use Config::DBI;

  my $dbh = Config::DBI->basic_test;


  my %connect = Config::DBI->hash('basic_test');


Config::DBI is a module based on 2 years of developing and using DBIx::Connect. For most usage, DBIx::Connect was fine. However two principal issues began to loom with continued usage. First, AppConfig is very hard to use and understand. So maintenance of the code was a real headache. Second, it was difficult to arrange an AppConfig file to create over-writable defaults. The concerns led to the following post:

A reply by Perrin led me to develop a completely new module based on Config::ApacheFormat.

This module's main purpose is to provide a way to get DBI database handles with very few lines of code. It does also have an API call to get the connection data so that you can do what you want with it. This is useful when one is using DBIx::AnyDBD, Alzabo or some other package which has different conventions for creating DBI dbhs.


Create a DBI configuration file

A documented sample one, dbi.conf, comes with the distribution.

No directives are allowed in this file other than User, Pass, DSN, DBI and the names of the DBI attributes.

Create the DBI_CONF environmental variable in your .bashrc

Set this to the name of the configuration file that Config::DBI will be using.

  export DBI_CONF=$HOME/dbi.conf

Source .bashrc

  shell> source ~/.bashrc

Run scripts/ try it out:

    ~/hacks/config-dbi/scripts $ perl -I../lib
 Connection successful.
    ~/hacks/config-dbi/scripts $ 

Install it

 perl Makefile.PL
 make test
 make install


my $dbh = Config::DBI->$DBI_block

This method looks for a DBI block labeled $DBI_block and loads in the configuration information from that block as well as its parents. It then creates and returns a DBI database handle.

Should an error occur and HandleError is unbound, then $DBI::errstr is printed with a die. If HandleError is defined, then its called per the DBI spec.

my %hash = Config::DBI->hash($DBI_block);

This method returns a hash of DBI connection data. Here is a sample of what such data would look like from the config file in the "SYNOPSIS".

  $VAR1 = {
          'DSN' => 'dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb',
          'User' => 'postgres',
          'Pass' => undef,
          'Attr' => {
                      'Profile' => '0',
                      'FetchHashKeyName' => '0',
                      'TraceLevel' => '0',
                      'HandleError' => sub { "DUMMY" },
                      'InactiveDestroy' => 1,
                      'AutoCommit' => '1',
                      'TaintOut' => '0',
                      'RaiseError' => '0',
                      'LongTruncOk' => '0',
                      'ChopBlanks' => '0',
                      'PrintError' => '0',
                      'dbi_connect_method' => 'connect',
                      'LongReadLen' => '0',
                      'Warn' => '1',
                      'ShowErrorStatement' => '1',
                      'TaintIn' => '1'


None by default.


Most of the information for this section is a regurgitation of:


The very first module to abstract the process of DBI database connections. Repeated rejection of my patches to this module to support methods such as the hash() method of this package led to the creation of DBIx::Connect.


This module does connection and SQL warehousing via XML.


Ima:DBI is part of the tech stack Perl's most popular Perl database wrapper, Class::DBI. It does connection and SQL warehousing via Perl.


The first module I wrote to address what I could not address under the auspices of DBIx::Password.


Terrence Brannon, <>

Thanks for Perrin Harkins for mentioning Config::ApacheFormat

Thanks for Sam Tregar for writing Config::ApacheFormat.


Copyright 2003 by Terrence Brannon

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Many thanks for Dan Kubb for his input on this module and also for alerting me to new attributes as of DBI 1.45.