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Config::Layered::Source::Getopt - The Command Line Source


The Getopt source provides access to Getopt::Long and will configure it based on the default data structure.

The configuration of the Getopt::Long options is done in the following way:

  • If the default value of a key is 0 or 1, it is treated as a boolean, and the key! directive is used. This will enable --no* options to work as expected.

  • If the value is a hash reference, the key% directive is used, and options are configured as --key name=value. New hash keys will be added, previously used hash keys (i.e. default configuration, previously run sources) will be replaced.

  • If the value if an array reference, the key@ directive is used, and options are configured as --key value --key value. An array entered by this source will replace a previously entered array (i.e. default configuration, previous run sources).

  • All other situations will result in a simple string, key=s.


    my $config = Config::Layered->load_config( 
        sources => [ 'ConfigAny' => { file => "/etc/myapp" } ],
        default => {
            foo         => "bar",
            blee        => 1,
            size        => 20,
            bax         => { chicken => "eggs", }
            baz         => [ wq( foo bar blee ) ]

The above data structure would create the following Getopt::Long configuration:

    Getopts( \%config,


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