Scott T. Hardin




Get/Set scalar values on unique ldap entries. The connector will die if multiple entries are found.

configuration options

See Connector::Proxy::Net::LDAP for basic configuration options

    attrs: Str|Array

The class needs one or more attribtues to look for. You can pass them either as space delimited string or array ref in the attrs parameter.

accessor methods


The attrs list must contain at least one argument. You can specify multiple attributes but you will receive only the first non undef value which is found. If the attribute itself is multivalued, only the first value is returned.


If called with an empty path, returns { TYPE => "connector" }. Otherwise calls get internally and returns undef if not found or the value accompanied with TYPE => scalar.

get_list / get_size / get_hash / get_keys

Not supported.


If you want to use the set method, your attribute map must contain exactly one value that denotes the attribute to which the value is written. You can set only a scalar value.

You can control how existing attributes in the node are treated and if missing nodes are created on the fly. See Connector::Proxy::Net::LDAP for details.