Couchbase - Couchbase Client Library


You probably want to see Couchbase::Bucket for the actual documentation.

This document contains general information about the module and installation instructions


This module depends on the Couchbase C library (libcouchbase); please ensure this module is installed before attempting to install this module.

If you can't use C extensions, Couchbase has a pure memcached emulation layer called moxi - which can then be used with any traditional Memcached client (and in fact, this is what I used before writing this module).


Examples may be found in the eg directory of the module. Other examples can be found in the tests, which are actually in lib/Couchbase/Test.

RELATION TO Couchbase::Client

This module replaces the older Couchbase::Client module. Development on the latter has ceased, ans it is no longer maintained. It is maintained on CPAN purely so existing code using the module continues to function.

This module represents a complete rewrite of the older module


While sponsored by Couchbase, this module is not officially supported by Couchbase, Inc. Issues and problems may be reported in the following venues.

  • Github project page

  • Couchbase mailing list (couchbase at googlegroups dot com)

  • #libcouchbase IRC channel on freenode

  • Perl's RT bug tracker (see the link on the cpan page).