Mark Nunberg
and 1 contributors


Couchbase::Client::Errors - Error definitions for Couchbase


This is just a listing of the known and current error codes.

This listing may be incomplete and varies depending on which constants are actually provided by the libcouchbase installed on your system.

See $INCLUDE/libcouchbase/types.h for a full listing.

All listings are defined as LIBCOUCHBASE_$name in the C code, and as COUCHBASE_$name in Perl.


No error has ocurred.


A 'temporary' failure has ocurred. This usually means that the server which was the source or target of the operation (for example, a key store) was unreachable or unresponsive.


An operation which required the key not to already exist was attempted, but the key was found to have already existed


An operation which required the key to already exist was attempted (i.e. get), but the key was not found.


A network I/O issue was encountered during the operation.


An operation was sent to the wrong server. The server which received the operation does not host the key.

This error is common during failover and adding a new node to the cluster and is generally transient


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