David Golden
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Crypt::Diceware::Wordlist::Common - Crypt::Diceware wordlist from common English words


version 0.005


  use Crypt::Diceware 'words'; # Common is the default
  use Crypt::Diceware words => { wordlist => 'Common' };

  my @phrase = words(4);


A Diceware word list based on common English words. Compared to the Original and Beale wordlists, this list has some longer words, but no nonsense words ("fs", "ga", "rrrr") or symbol words ("%%", "!!"), so everything on this list should be familiar to a reasonable well-read English speaker and straightforward to memorize.

The words were assembled from various free or sample lists of the most common English words available at freevocabulary.com and wordfrequency.info. It is heavily weighted towards the first five thousand or so common words, sprinkled with additional words taken from samples of the 100,000 most common words.

All words are between three and nine letters. Some common profanity words have been removed. All words are lower case. Any trademarked or offensive words remaining are an oversight.

It has about 100 more words than a standard Diceware wordlist, which doesn't change the passphrase strength in any meaningful way.



David Golden <dagolden@cpan.org>


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