Crypt::Passwd - Perl wrapper around the UFC Crypt


  use Crypt::Passwd;
  $crypted_password = unix_std_crypt("password", "salt");
  $ultrix_password = unix_ext_crypt("password", "salt");


This module provides an interface layer between Perl 5 and Michael Glad's UFC Crypt library.

The interface is comprised in two functions, described below.

unix_std_crypt(passwd, salt) provides an interface to the traditional crypt() function, as implemented by the UFC library. It returns the crypted password, perturbed with the salt.

unix_ext_crypt(passwd, salt) provides the interface to the crypt16() function, present in Ultrix and Digital Unix systems as implemented in the UFC Library.

This code is provided as is, with no warranties. It is subject to the same terms and conditions that Perl and the UFC Crypt library.


Luis E. Munoz,


perl(1), crypt(3), fcrypt(3), crypt16(3)