Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::Win32 - Get random data from the Windows API.


 use Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::Win32;
 my $p = Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::Win32->new;
 my $data = $p->get(1024);


This is a source of random data that uses the RtlGenRandom function on Windows XP and above, and CryptGenRandom on Windows 2000.

This is considered to be a strong source of random data, as the CryptGenRandom function, which is backed by RtlGenRandom, is documented as being a strong source of random data.

If you are on Windows, this is the recommended way of getting random data.


The same as Crypt::Random::Source::Base. There is no need to seed this source.


Max Kanat-Alexander <>


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