Crypto::ECC - Perl Elliptic Curve DSA and DH


For more information on Elliptic Curve Cryptography please read

Requires GMP or bcmath extension, GMP preferred for better performance.


 use Crypto::ECC;

and then the short version of the class names will be imported

 $CurveFp   --> 'Crypto::ECC::CurveFp';
 $Point     --> 'Crypto::ECC::Point';
 $PublicKey --> 'Crypto::ECC::PublicKey';
 $Signature --> 'Crypto::ECC::Signature';

You don't have to use these classname aliases. It is just for my convenience.


Direct Translation from PHP to Perl -


These classes are not fully copied from the PHP version. Only copied enough to support DigiByte::DigiID

Please email me if you wish to extends functions or become a contributor.

MIT Licence

Licensed under the MIT License.