use Csound::Instrument;




    my $composition = Csound::Composition->new(…);

    my $instr = Csound::Instrument->new(
        composition => $composition,
        parameters  => ['amplitude', 'foo_1', 'foo_2']

If the parameter composition is passed with a reference to a Csound::Composition, the instrument's "play" method is shorthand for $composition->play($instr, …).

Most instrument play notes. However, to indicate that an instrument doesn't play a note (such as a high hat or a noise etc.), the flag no_note can be given.

    my $instr = Csound::Instrument->new(
        parameters => ['amplitude', 'foo_1', 'foo_2'],
        no_note => 1



    $instr->play($t_start, $duration, 'f♯5', …);

When the instrument was constructed with the composition parameter, this is a shorthand for

    $composition->play($instr, $t_start, $duration, 'f♯5', …);


    my $yes_no = $instr->plays_note();

In most cases, an instrument will play a note. When the flag/parameter no_note was given in "new", the instrument also doesn't play a note.


    $instr -> i($t_start, $t_len, …);

Creates an i statement. It should not be called by the end user. Rather, the user should call "play" in Csound::Score.


    my $score = Csound::Score->new(…);
    my $txt = $instr->orchestra_text($score);

Returns the text to be written into the score.

Sometimes, the instrument needs to have access to the score (notably for the f statements required in the oscil opcode family). Therefore, the method needs the $score parameter.


Copyright © 2017 René Nyffenegger, Switzerland. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the the Artistic License (2.0). You may obtain a copy of the full license at: http://www.perlfoundation.org/artistic_license_2_0

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