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Cucumber::Messages::Message - Base class for cucumber messages


  # Create a new message class:
  use Moo;
  extends 'Cucumber::Messages::Message';

  has 'prop1';
  has 'prop2';




Instance method.

Returns the data encapsulated by $self as a serialized byte string represented as a single NDJSON line. Note that line-terminating newline character (\n) is not included in the return value.

$class->from_json( $str )

Returns an instance of class $class which encapsulates the data from the bytestring $str, assuming that it is a single valid NDJSON line.


Please see the included LICENSE for the canonical version. In summary:

The MIT License (MIT)

  Copyright (c) 2021 Erik Huelsmann
  Copyright (c) 2021 Cucumber Ltd

This work is loosely derived from prior work of the same library for Ruby, called cucumber-messages.