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DBD::Informix::Configure - Determining your ESQL/C Configuration


use DBD::Informix::Configure;


This module is used by Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2018.1031 (2018-10-31) in the build and bug reporting code. You will seldom if ever have cause to use this module directly.

Using find_informixdir_and_esql

The function find_informixdir_and_esql returns both the value of $INFORMIXDIR and the pathname of the ESQL/C compiler executable (a script on Unix, an executable program on Windows NT). The parameter should be true if the search is being done on Windows NT; it is false if it is being done on a Unix system.

    my ($ixd, $esql) = find_informix_dir_and_esql($nt);

Using get_esqlc_version

Given the pathname of the ESQL/C compiler, this function returns the ESQL/C version number as a string (such as 9.21.UC1) and as a pure integer (such as 921).

    my ($infversion, $vernum) = &get_esqlc_version($esqlprog);


Jonathan Leffler