DBD::Sys::Table - abstract base class of tables used in DBD::Sys


DBD::Sys::Table provides an abstract base class to wrap the requirements of SQL::Statement and DBD::Sys on a table around the pure data collecting actions.



This method is called during the construction phase of the table. It must be a static method - the called context is the class name of the constructed object.


This method is called when the table is constructed but before the first row shall be delivered via fetch_row().


This method returns the column name of the primary key column. If not overwritten, the first column name is returned by DBD::Sys::Table.


Returns the name of the table based on it's class name. Override it to return another table name.


Returns the default priority of the controlling plugin.

To speed up subsequent get_priority calls, a simple method returning the value is injected into the class name space.


Constructor - called from DBD::Sys::PluginManager::get_table when called from SQL::Statement::open_tables for tables with one implementor class. The $attrs argument contains the owner statement instance in the field owner and the owning database handle in the field <database>.


Called by SQL::Statement to fetch the single rows. This method return the rows contained in the data attribute of the individual instance.


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perl(1), DBI, Module::Build, Module::Pluggable, Params::Util, SQL::Statement.