DBIx::Class::CryptColumn - Automatically hash password/passphrase columns


version 0.009



     id => {
         data_type         => 'integer',
         is_auto_increment => 1,
     password => {
         data_type          => 'text',
         inflate_passphrase => {
             encoder        => 'Argon2',
             verify_and_rehash_method  => 'verify_and_rehash_password',


In application code:

 # 'plain' will automatically be hashed using the specified
 # inflate_passphrase arguments
 $rs->create({ password => 'plain' });

 my $row = $rs->find({ id => $id });

 if ($row->verify_and_rehash_password($given_password)) {

 # equivalent to

 if ($row->password->verify_password($given_password)) {
   if ($row->password->needs_rehash) {
     $row->update({ password => $input });

 # Change password
 $row->password('new password');


This component can be used to automatically hash password columns using any scheme supported by Crypt::Passphrase whenever the value of these columns is changed, as well as conveniently check if any given password matches the hash.

Its main advantage over other similar DBIx::Class extensions is that it provides the cryptographic agility of Crypt::Passphrase; that means that it allows you to define a single scheme that will be used for new passwords, but several schemes to check passwords against. It will be able to tell you if you should rehash your password, not only because the scheme is outdated, but also because the desired parameters have changed.


In addition to the usual Crypt::Passphrase arguments, this module takes three extra arguments that each set a method on the row.

  • verify_method

    If this option is set it adds a method with that name to the row class to verify if a password matches the known hash. This method takes a password as its single argument.

  • rehash_method

    If this option is set it will add a method with the given name that checks if a password needs to be rehashed. It takes no arguments.

  • verify_and_rehash_method

    If this option is set it will add a method with the given name that verifies if a password matches the known hash. If it does and the hash needs a rehash it will rehash the password and store the result to the database. In either case it returns the result of the verification. This method takes a password as its only argument. This option is recommended over the others for most deployments.

  • recode_hash_method

    If this option is set it will add a method with the given name that checks if the hash recodes to a new value, and if so updates it in the database, otherwise this is a no-op.



Chains with the register_column method in DBIx::Class::Row, and sets up passphrase columns according to the options documented above. This would not normally be directly called by end users.


Hash a passphrase column whenever it is set.


Sets an inflated password column that does not need to be hashed again.


Hash all passphrase columns on new() so that copy(), create(), and others DWIM.





Leon Timmermans <>


This software is copyright (c) 2023 by Leon Timmermans.

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