DBIx::Class::ElasticSync - Helps keep your data in sync with elasticsearch


DBIx::Class::ElasticSync is a Module to link your DBIx::Class Schema to elasticsearch faster.

It helps you, to denormalize your relational database schema to fit into the document orientated elasticsearch store


This repository is under development. API changes are possible at this point of time. We will create more documentation if we tested this in the wild.


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Setting up your DBIx::Model

Adding role to your Schema Class

    with 'DBIx::Class::ElasticSync::Role::ElasticSchema';

In advanced you need to handle over your Schema the connection informations for Elasticsearch

    $schema->connect_elastic( { nodes => "localhost:9200" } );

Adding role to your Result Class

    with 'DBIx::Class::ElasticSync::Role::ElasticResult';

Building your own ElasticResultSet Classes

    extends 'ElasticSync::ResultSet';

Running your Application

DBIx::Class::ElasticSync::Role will hook into your insert, update and delete DBIx::Class::Row methods. If you change Data in your Database, it will be synced with the elasticsearch.


This module is based on Chris 'SchepFc3' Shepherd work, which you can find here:


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