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version .04


ignore_columns sets the columnns to be ignored. Please see the manual DBIx::Class::Snowflake::Manual for further explanation.


Returns the ignored columns in the internal representation without modifying them. Please see DBIx::Class::Snowflake::Manual for more information.


The resolve_values subroutine will recursively walk through the dimensions of a fact until it finds the column for the values we are looking for. It will then return an array that indicates the steps to take in the SQL query to get to that dimension.

For example, assume there is a fact_produced table and it had a dim_date table with a column for the day of the week (dow) and dim_date is a dimension of fact_produced. This call: $produced->_resolve_metrics('dow'); would result in a reference to an array like so: [ fact_produced, dim_date, dow ]

This function recursively calls itself until it finds


Goes through all of the columns, determines if they are to be ignored if not then it returns them in a large array containing the accessor and data type of each column.