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DBIx::Foo - Simple Database Wrapper and Helper Functions. Easy DB integration without the need for an ORM.



  my $dbh = DBIx::Foo->connect(...) # or ->new

  my $rows = $dbh->selectall("select * from test");

  my $row = $dbh->selectrow("select * from test where ID = ?", 1); # alias for selectrow_hashref


This can be used to build a query for writing to the database. First an insert statement:

  my $query = $dbh->update_query('test');

  $query->addField(Name => 'Foo');
  $query->addField(Desc => 'Bar');

  my $newid = $query->DoInsert;

And with very similar syntax, an update statement:

  my $query = $dbh->update_query('test');

  $query->addKey(ID => $newid);
  $query->addField(Name => 'Fu');
  $query->addField(Desc => 'Baz');


This works nicely with data in a hash, which can be interated and used to update or insert as appropriate, based the existence of a key field:

  my $data = {
        Name => 'Foo',
        Desc => 'Bar',

  foreach my $field (key %$data) {

        $query->addField($field => $data->{$field}) if $data->{$field};

  if (my $id = $data->{ID}) {

    # updating
        $query->addKey(ID => $id);

  else {

    # inserting
    my $newid = $query->DoInsert;