DBIx::NoSQL::Store::Manager - DBIx::NoSQL as a Moose object store


version 1.0.0


    package MyStore;

    use Moose;

    extends 'DBIx::NoSQL::Store::Manager';



Just like DBIx::NoSQL is a layer providing the flexibility of a NoSQL store on top of DBIx::Class, DBIx::NoSQL::Store::Manager provides a mechanism to drop and retrieve Moose objects from that store.

As can be seen in the "SYNOPSIS", the store class itself is typically fairly bare; most of the work is done by DBIx::NoSQL::Store::Manager::Model, the role the models (i.e., the classes to be stored in the database) must consume.

DBIx::NoSQL::Store::Manager extends DBIx::NoSQL and inherits all its methods.


new( models => \@classes )

Creates a new store manager.


models => \@classes
models => $class

Classes to be imported as models for the store. Namespaces can also be given with a trailing ::, in which case all modules found under that namespace will be imported. If only one class is to be used, it can be passed as a single string.

If not given, defaults to the Model sub-namespace under the store's (e.g., for store class MyStore, that would be MyStore::Model::).

    my $store = MyStore->new; 
        # will import MyStore::Model::*
    my $store = MyStore->new( models => [ 'Foo::Bar', 'Something::Else' ] );
        # imports specific classes
    my $store = MyStore->new( models => [ 'Foo::Bar', 'MyStore::Model::' ] );
        # imports Foo::Bar and all classes under MyStore::Model::*


Returns the name of all models known to the store.


Returns the full class name of all models known to the store.

model_class( $name )

Returns the full class name of the given model.

new_model_object( $model_name, @args )

Shortcut constructor for a model class of the store. Equivalent to

    my $class = $store->model_class( $model_name );
    my $thingy = $class->new( store_db => $store, @args );

create( $model, @args )

Create a new model object and save it. Morally equivalent to

    $store->new_model_object( $model, @args )->save;

Returns the new object.


* Original blog entry introducing the module:

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Yanick Champoux <>


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