Erwan Lemonnier
and 1 contributors


DBIx::QueryByName::Logger - Take care of all logging


    use DBIx::QueryByName::Logger qw(get_logger);
    my $log = get_logger();

    $log->logcroak('something went bad');


debug $msg;

Print a debug message to STDERR if the environment variable DBIXQUERYBYNAMEDEBUG is set to 1.

$log = get_logger();

If Log::Log4perl is available, return its logger. Otherwise return an instance of self that offers a default implementation of the following Log4perl methods:

$log->logcroak($msg); Log $msg and croak.
$log->error($msg); Log $msg as an error.
$log->warn($msg); Log $msg as a warning.
$log->info($msg); Log $msg.
$log->log($msg); Log $msg.