DBIx::QuickDB - Quickly start a db server.


This library makes it easy to spin up a temporary database server for any supported driver. PostgreSQL and MySQL are the initially supported drivers.


These are nearly identical, creating databases that can be retrieved by name globally. The difference is that the first will build them at compile-time and will provide constants for accessing them. The second will build them at run-time and you have to store them in variables.


    use DBIx::QuickDB MYSQL_DB => {driver => 'MySQL'};
    use DBIx::QuickDB PSQL_DB  => {driver => 'PostgreSQL'};

    my $m_dbh = MYSQL_DB->connect;
    my $p_dbh = PSQL_DB->connect;



    use DBIx::QuickDB;

    my $msql = DBIx::QuickDB->build_db(mysql_db => {driver => 'MySQL'});
    my $psql = DBIx::QuickDB->build_db(mysql_db => {driver => 'PostgreSQL'});

    my $m_dbh = $msql->connect;
    my $p_dbh = $psql->connect;



$db = DBIx::QuickDB->build_db();
$db = DBIx::QuickDB->build_db($name);
$db = DBIx::QuickDB->build_db(\%spec);
$db = DBIx::QuickDB->build_db($name => \%spec);

If a $name is provided then the database will be named. If the named database has already been created it will be returned ignoring any other arguments. If the named db does not yet exist it will be created.

If a %spec hashref is provided it will be used to construct the database. See "SPEC HASH" for what is supported in %spec.

($bool, $fqd, $why ) = DBIx::QuickDB->check_driver($driver => \%spec);

The first argument must be a driver name. The name may be shorthand IE "PostgreSQL" or it can be a fully qualified module name like "DBIx::QuickDB::Driver::PostgreSQL".

The second argument is option, but when present must be a spec hash. See "SPEC HASH" for what is supported in %spec.

This method returns a sequence of 3 values:


True if the driver is viable for the specifications. False if the driver cannot be used.


The full package name for the driver.


If $bool is false then this will have an explanation for why the driver is not viable.


Here is an overview of all options allowed:

    my %spec = (
        autostart => BOOL,
        autostop  => BOOL,
        bootstrap => BOOL,
        cleanup   => BOOL,
        dir       => PATH,
        driver    => DRIVER_NAME,
        drivers   => ARRAYREF,
        load_sql  => FILE_OR_HASH,
        nocache   => BOOL,
autostart => BOOL

Defaults to true. When true the DB server will be started automatically. If this is false then you will need to call $DB->start yourself.

autostop => BOOL

Defaults to be the same as the 'autostart' key.

When true, the server will automatically be stopped when the program ends.

bootstrap => BOOL

This defaults to true unless the 'dir' key is also provided, in which case it will default to false.

When true this will cause the database to be bootstrapped into existance in the specified (or generated) directory (IE the 'dir' key).

cleanup => BOOL

This defaults to true unless the 'dir' key is also provided, in which case it will default to false.

When true the databse directory will be completely deleted when the program is finished. DO NOT USE THIS ON ANY IMPORTANT DATABASES.

dir => PATH

Use this key to point at an existing database directory. If not provided a tempdir will be generated.

driver => DRIVER_NAME

This key lets you specify a driver to use. This must be a string, and can either be the shorthand name IE 'PostgreSQL', or the full name IE 'DBIx::QuickDB::Driver::PostgreSQL'.

If this key is present then no other drivers will be tried or used.

If this key is missing then the 'drivers' key will be used. If both keys are empty than any installed driver may be used.

drivers => ARRAYREF

If you are only a little picky about driver choice then you can use this to list several drivers that are acceptible, the first one that works will be used.

This key is ignored if the 'driver' key is specified. If both keys are empty than any installed driver may be used.

load_sql => FILE_OR_HASH

This can be a path to an SQL file to load, an arrayref of several files to load, or a structure with driver specific files to load.

    load_sql => '/path/to/my/schema.sql'

    load_sql => ['schema1.sql', 'schema2.sql']

    load_sql => {
        PostgreSQL => 'path/to/postgre.sql',
        MySQL      => 'path/to/my.sql',
        SQLite     => ['sqlite1.sql', 'sqlite2.sql'],
nocache => BOOL

Defaults to false. When set to true the database will not be available globally by the name passed into build_db().


The source code repository for DBIx-QuickDB can be found at


Chad Granum <>


Chad Granum <>


Copyright 2020 Chad Granum <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.