DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema - Create and use classes representing tables from a database


  #Somewhere in a utility script or startup() of your application.
  my $perl_code = DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema->load_schema(
    namespace =>'My::Model',
    table => '%',              #all tables from the current database
    type  => "'TABLE','VIEW'", # make classes for tables and views

  #Now eval() to use your classes.
  eval $perl_code || Carp::croak($@);

  #Or load and save it for more customisations and later usage.
    namespace =>'My::Model',
    table => '%',              #all tables from the current database
    type  => "'TABLE','VIEW'", # make classes for tables and views
    lib_root => "$ENV{PERL_LOCAL_LIB_ROOT}/lib"
    overwrite =>1 #overwrite existing files
  ) || Carp::croak 'Something went wrong! See above...';


DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema automates the creation of classes from database tables. You can use it when you want to prototype quickly your application. It is also very convenient as an initial generator and dumper of your classes representing your database tables.



Class method.

    namespace - String. The class name for your base class,
      default: 'DSCS::'.(join '', map { ucfirst lc } split /_/, $database)
    table - SQL string for a LIKE clause,
      default: '%'
    type - SQL String for an IN clause.
      default: "'TABLE','VIEW'"

Extracts tables' information from the current connection and generates Perl classes representing those tables or/and views. If called in list context returns an array with perl code for each package. The first package is the base class. The base class is generated only the argument table is '%' or empty. If called in scalar context returns all the generated code as a string.

The generated classes are saved internally and are available for use by "dump_schema_at". This makes it very convenient for quickly prototyping applications by just modifying tables in your database.

  my $perl_code = DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema->load_schema();
  #concatenaded code as one string
  eval $perl_code || Carp::croak($@);
  my $user = Dbname::User->find(2345);
  #or My::Schema, My::Schema::Table1, My::Schema::Table2,...
  my @perl_code = DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema->load_schema();
  #or just prepare code before dumping it to disk.


Class method.

    lib_root: String - Where classes will be dumped.
      default: $INC[0]
    overwrite: boolean -1/0 Should it overwrite existing classes with the same name?
      default: 0

Uses the generated code by "load_schema" and saves each class on the disk. Does several checks:

  • Checks if a file with the name of your base class exists and exits if the flag overwrite is not set.

  • The base class is dumped to disk only if the argument table is '%' or empty. It was not generated in "load_schema". In other words base/schema class is generated when no specific table class is required to be generated. This is convinient if you want to generate only specific table-classes and use them on-the-fly without dumping them to disk.

  • Checks if there is a module with the same name as your base class installed and warns if there is such module. This is done to avoid namespace collisions.

  • Checks if the files can be written to disk and exit immediately if there is a problem.

For every check above issues a warning so you, the developer, can decide what to do. Returns true on success.


DBIx::Simple::Class::Schema strives to be DBD agnostic and uses only functionality specified by DBI. This means that if a driver implements the methods specifyed in DBI it is supported. However currently only tests for DBD::SQLite and DBD::mysql are written. Feel free to contribute with tests for your prefered driver. The following methods are used to retreive information form the database:


Currently some minimal "CHECKS" in DBIx::Simple::Class are automatically generated for TYPE_NAMEs matching /INT/i,/FLOAT|DOUBLE|DECIMAL/i, /CHAR|TEXT|CLOB/i. You are supposed to write your own business-specific checks.


DBIx::Simple::Class, DBIx::Simple, DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader, Mojolicious::Plugin::DSC


Copyright 2012-2013 Красимир Беров (Krasimir Berov).

This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License version 2.0.

See for more information.