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DBIx::SimpleQuery::Object - An object containing the results of a DBIx::SimpleQuery::query.


  use DBIx::SimpleQuery;
      "dsn"      => "DBI:Pg:test_database",
      "user"     => "test_user",
      "password" => "test_password",
  # Perform maintenance on users
  foreach my $user (query "SELECT * FROM users") {
      my $user_id = $user->{"user_id"};

      # Does this user have a password?
      unless (query "SELECT * FROM passwords WHERE user_id = $user_id") {
          print "User $user_id does not have a password!\n";

      # How many widgets do they have?
      my $widget_count = query "SELECT * FROM widgets WHERE user_id = $user_id";
      print "User $user_id has $widget_count widgets.\n";

      # Get their first and last widgets
      my $first_widget <<= query "SELECT * FROM widgets WHERE user_id = $user_id ORDER BY time";
      my $last_widget >>= query "SELECT * FROM widgets WHERE user_id = $user_id ORDER BY time";


DBIx::SimpleQuery::Object is a background module that allows a programmer to interact with the results of a query without having to resort to a structure like:

  my $first_row_id = @{$results_arrayhashref}->[0]->{"user_id"};

Instead, it overloads the stringify, boolify, and other -ify functions to return values that the programmer wants, without needing all of the extra markup.

It should never be generated directly, but only as a result of a DBIx::SimpleQuery::query call. Use the synopsis above to get some ideas of how it works.


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Copyright 2004 Steve Simms. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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