Atsushi Kobayashi
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skinny iteration class.


  my $itr = Your::Model->search('user',{});
  $itr->count; # show row counts
  my $row = $itr->first; # get first row
  $itr->reset; # reset itarator position
  my @rows = $itr->all; # get all rows
  # do iteration
  while (my $row = $itr->next) { }

  # no cache row object (save memories)
  while (my $row = $itr->next) { }
  $itr->reset->first;  # Can't fetch row!



get first row data.


get next row data.


get all row data.


this method reset iterator position number.


The number of lines that iterator has are returned.

$itr->no_cache # has been deprecated

DBIx::Skinny::Itarator is default row data cache. this method specified that it doesn't cache row data or not.

if $mode is false, it doesn't cache row data. $mode is true, it dose cache row data.


get iterator current position number.


set row object creation mode.

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