DBM::Deep::Iterator::BucketList - mediate between DBM::Deep::Iterator and DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::BucketList


This is an internal-use-only object for DBM::Deep. It acts as the mediator between the DBM::Deep::Iterator object and a DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::BucketList sector.


This object, despite the implied class hierarchy, does NOT inherit from DBM::Deep::Iterator. Instead, it delegates to it, essentially acting as a facade over it. "get_next_key" in DBM::Deep::Iterator will instantiate one of these objects as needed to handle an BucketList sector.



The constructor takes a hashref of params and blesses it into the invoking class. The hashref is assumed to have the following elements:


This takes no arguments.

This returns true/false indicating whether this sector has any more elements that can be iterated over.


This takes no arguments.

This returns the next key pointed to by this bucketlist. This value is suitable for returning by FIRSTKEY or NEXTKEY().

If the bucketlist is exhausted, it returns nothing.