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DBSchema::Sample - build and populate a realistic sample schema.


This program builds and populates a small but realistic database.


  • Install whatever database you want

    Postgres 7.4, MySQL 4.0.14 and SQLite 2.8.6 have been tested

  • Create a database


    For SQLite, this step is not necessary.

  • Install DBI

  • Install appropriate DBD

    DBD::SQLite and DBD::mysql have been tested

  • Install DBSchema::Sample

    When it follows the prereqs, it installs DBIx::AnyDBD.

  • Load the Database

     perl -MDBSchema::Sample -e load

    Follow the prompts for DBI connection information and the tables will be built and populated.

    SQLite users: (1) when this command is run, be sure to run it in a directory where there is no directory named the same as your database and if there is a file with the name of your database, that file is in fact your database. (2) the default username (undef) is just fine.


This creates the database schema discussed in "The Practical SQL Handbook by Bowman, Emerson and Darnovsky" (Addison-Wesley). It is useful to have something like this when you want to play around with a DBI wrapper (or 12) but don't feel like creating a realistic schema and populating it with sensible data.




You can get a PDF of the schema to view here:

authors =1:n=> titleauthors

au_id is a surrogate primary key for the authors table (au_id, title_id) is the primary key for the titleauthors table

titles =1:n=> titleauthors

title_id is a surrogate primary key for the titles table.

Therefore authors =n:n=> titles

titles =1:n=> titleditors

editors =1:n=> titleditors

ed_id is a surrogate primary key for the authors table

Therefore editors =n:n=> titles

titles =1:n=> roysched

At first, I didn't understand how a title could have more than one royalty, then I realized that a title has varying royalties based on the total volume sold.

roysched has title_id as a foreign key. And title_id is the primary key in titles.

publishers =1:n=> titles

pub_id is the surrogate primary key.

titles =1:n=> salesdetails

sales =1:n=> salesdetails

sales has sonum as a primary key. sonum is a foreign key in salesdetails.

Therefore titles =n:n=> sales


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DBIx::AnyDBD DBD::mysql DBD::SQLite DBIx::Recordset::Playground Class::DBI DBI

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