Daniel Ruoso


DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer - Load balancing djabberd plugin


  <VHost ...>
    <Plugin DJabberd::Plugin::Balancer/>


This is a simple load balancer plugin for djabberd that works by distributing all the messages for a single fully qualified JID through several clients.

Every time a client binds to a resource, this plugin will record that trial and return a different resource, including a sufix in the #999 format. The original JID will be saved as a load balancing endpoint. Other clients then can try to bind to the same resource, and will also be assigned different JIDs, but all that will be recorded.

If some client, on the other hand, tries to bind to the resource of another real client (already with the #999 sufix), the bind will be denied.

When a message arrives for the load-balancing-endpoint JID, it will be dispatched randomly through all the clients that tried to bind to that resource.

Messages to the real JIDs will be delivered normally, iq stanzas will work as expected, since when sending that, the client will send using the JID assigned by the server.


Unlike the default behaviour, on a real-JID conflict, the new connection will be dropped, and not the old one.


This module was created by "Daniel Ruoso" <daniel@ruoso.com>. It is licensed under both the GNU GPL and the Artistic License.