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DNS::Config::File::Nsd - Concrete adaptor class


use DNS::Config::File::Nsd;

my $file = new DNS::Config::File::Nsd($nsd.zones_file);

# Read in an additional config file (needed before invoking ->parse() ) $file->nsdc( $nsdc.conf_file );

# Set the nsdkeysdir (tsig keys in files) $file->nsdkeysdir( $tsigdir );

# Parse nsd.zones, nsdc.conf, and any TSIG files $file->parse();

# Dump the nsd.zones file (also $file->dump_nsd_zones() ) $file->dump();

# Dump the nsdc.conf file $file->dump_nsdc();

# Dump the tsig files. $file->dump_tsig( $tsigdir );

# Debug the output. $file->debug();

$file->config(new DNS::Config());


This class represents a set of configuration files for NLNetLab's NSD (Name Server Daemon), an authoritative-only nameserver sponsored by the RIPE NCC.


This class, the Nsd file adaptor, knows how to read and write the information to a file in the NSD daemon specific formats. Note that NSD has three places for configuration information, being:

nsd.zones - Zone name and zone file specifications for zonec(1), the notify servers for nsd-notify(1) and the master servers for nsdc and named-xfer.

nsdc.conf - Special (shell-script) configuration for nsdc.

NSDKEYSDIR - A directory where TSIG keys can be found, for usage by nsdc and named-xfer.


Copyright (C)2003 Bruce Campbell. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Please address bug reports and comments to:


DNS::Config, DNS::Config::File, DNS::Config::Bind9