Dancer2::Logger::LogReport - reroute Dancer2 logs into Log::Report


   is a Moo::Object


  # This module is loaded when configured.  It does not provide
  # end-user functions or methods.



[The Dancer2 plugin was contributed by Andrew Beverley]

This logger allows the use of the many logging backends available in Log::Report. It will process all of the Dancer2 log messages, and also allow any other module to use the same logging facilities. The same log messages can be sent to multiple destinations at the same time via flexible dispatchers.

If using this logger, you may also want to use Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport

Many log back-ends, like syslog, have more levels of system messages. Modules who explicitly load this module can use the missing assert, notice, panic, and alert log levels. The trace name is provided as well: when you are debugging, you add a 'trace' to your program... it's just a better name than 'debug'. You will need to load Log::Report in order to use the additional levels; if doing so directly within a Dancer2 application (not a sub-module), then you will either need to load Log::Report with syntax, 'LONG' or use Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport to prevent namespace clashes.

Log Format

If using this module on its own (such as a drop-in replacement for Dancer2::Logger::Syslog), then the logging format is configured as with any other Dancer logger. If using this module with Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport, then log_format is ignored and messages are not formatted, in order to keep the message format consistent regardless of where the message was generated (be it another module using Log::Report, the plugin, or Dancer itself). In this case, the log format should be configured using the applicable dispatcher (such as Log::Report::Dispatcher::Syslog::new(format)).

If also using with the Log::Report logging functions, then you probably want to set a very simple logger_format, because the dispatchers do already add some of the fields that the default simple format adds. For instance, to get the filename/line-number in messages depends on the dispatcher 'mode' (f.i. 'DEBUG').

You also want to set the Dancer2 log level to debug, because level filtering is controlled per dispatcher (as well).

See "DETAILS" in Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport for examples.


$obj->log($level, $params)


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