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Data::Printer::Profile::Dumper - use DDP like Data::Dumper


While loading Data::Printer:

    use DDP profile => 'Dumper';

While asking for a print:

    p $var, profile => 'Dumper';

or in your .dataprinter file:

    profile = Dumper


This profile tries to simulate Data::Dumper's output as closely as possible, using Data::Printer, even skipping types unsupported by Data::Dumper like lvalues and formats.

It's not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but hopefully it's close enough :)

Notable Diferences from Data::Dumper

It's important to notice that this profile tries to emulate Data::Dumper's output, NOT its behaviour. As such, some things are still happening in a much DDP-ish way.

* no $VAR2, ... * return value * prototypes * still called 'p' (say alias = 'Dumper' if you want) * arg is always a reference, so on the top level, references to scalars will be rendered as scalars. References to references and inner references will be rendered properly.


Data::Printer Data::Dumper