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Data::Printer::Profile::JSON - dump variables in JSON format


While loading Data::Printer:

    use DDP profile => 'JSON';

While asking for a print:

    p $var, profile => 'JSON';

or in your .dataprinter file:

    profile = JSON


This profile outputs your variables in JSON format. It's not nearly as efficient as a regular JSON module, but it may be useful, specially if you're changing the format directly in your .dataprinter.


JSON is a super simple format that allows scalar, hashes and arrays. It doesn't support many types that could be present on Perl data structures, such as functions, globs and circular references. When printing those types, whenever possible, this module will stringify the result.

Objects are also not shown, but their internal data structure is exposed.

This module also attempts to render Regular expressions as plain JS regexes. While not directly supported in JSON, it should be parseable.


Data::Printer JSON::MaybeXS>