Data::SmartMunge - Munge scalars, hashes and arrays in flexible ways


version 1.101612


    use Data::SmartMunge qw(:all);

    my $s  = smart_munge('foo bar baz', sub { uc $_[0] });
    my $s2 = smart_munge('foo bar baz bar baz', delete_matching(qr/bar\s*/, 'g'));

    my $a_ref = smart_munge([ 1 .. 4 ], sub { [ reverse @{ $_[0] } ] });
    my @a = smart_munge([ 1 .. 4 ], sub { [ reverse @{ $_[0] } ] });

    my %h = smart_munge(
        { a => 'foo', b => 'bar' },
        sub {
            +{ map { $_ => uc $_[0]->{$_} } keys %{ $_[0] } };

    my $h_ref = smart_munge(
        { a => 'foo', b => 'bar' },
        { a => undef, c => 'baz' },


This module provides a generic way to munge scalars, hashes and arrays.



Takes as the first argument - the data - either a scalar, an array reference or a hash reference. Takes as the second argument - the munger - either a hash or a code reference. It tries to apply the munger to the data. For example, if the munger is a code reference, that code will be run with the data as an argument. If both data and munger are hash references, the munger hash will be overlaid onto the data hash and the result will be returned.

If called in scalar context, any resulting array or hash will be returned as a reference. In list context, the array or hash will be returned as is.

If the munger is not defined, the data will be returned unchanged, again respecting context.


Takes a regular expression as the first argument and flags like s/// does as the optional second argument. Returns a ready-made munger that deletes the part of the data that matches the regular expression. If the flag argument contains g, all occurrences will be deleted.

For example:

    smart_munge('foo bar baz bar baz', delete_matching(qr/bar\s*/);
    # returns 'foo baz bar baz'

    smart_munge('foo bar baz bar baz', delete_matching(qr/bar\s*/, 'g');
    # returns 'foo baz baz'


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  Marcel Gruenauer <>


This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Marcel Gruenauer.

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