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  Data::Tools::CSV -- compact, pure-perl CSV parsing


  use Data::Tools::CSV qw( :all );  # import all functions
  use Data::Tools::CSV;             # the same as :all :) 
  use Data::Tools::CSV qw( :none ); # do not import anything

  # --------------------------------------------------------------------------

  my $array_of_arrays = parse_csv( $csv_data_string );
  my @single_line     = parse_csv_line( $single_csv_line );
  while( <$fh> )
    parse_csv_line( $_ );

  # hash keys names are mapped from the first line of $csv_data (head)
  my @array_of_hashes = parse_csv_to_hash_array( $csv_data );

  # --------------------------------------------------------------------------


In all functions the '$delim' argument is optional and sets the delimiter to be used. Default one is comma ',' (accordingly to RFC4180, see below).

In all functions the '$strip' argument should be true ("1" or non-zero string) to strip data from leading and trailing whitespace. If leading or trailing whitespace is required but stripping is needed to pad visually the data then actual data must be quoted:

    NAME,   TEL
    jim,    123
    boo,    "  413  "

second field will be [TEL] and data will be [123] and [ 413 ].

Unfortunately, for keeping API simple, using stripping will require $delim. However $delim may be undef to use default delimiter.

parse_csv( $csv_data_string, $delim, $strip )

Parses multi-line CSV text

parse_csv_line( $single_csv_line, $delim, $strip )

Parses single line CSV data. This function will NOT strip trailing CR/LFs. However, parse_csv() and parse_csv_to_hash_array() will strip CR/LFs.

parse_csv_to_hash_array( $csv_data, $delim, $strip )

This function uses first line as hash key names to produce array of hashes for the rest of the data.

  NOTE: Lines with more data than header will discard extra data.
  NOTE: Lines with less data than header will produce keys with undef values.


Data::Tools::CSV is compact, pure-perl implementation of a CSV parser of RFC4180 style CSV files:

RFC4180 says:

  * lines are CRLF delimited, however CR or LF-only are accepted as well.
  * whitespace is data, will not be stripped (2.4).
  * whitespace and delimiters can be quoted with double quotes (").
  * quotes in quoted text should be doubled ("") as escaping.


This implementation does not support multiline fields (lines split), as described in RFC4180, (2.6).

There is no much error handling. However the code makes reasonable effort to handle properly all the data provided. This may seem vague but the CSV format itself is vague :)


Please, report any bugs or missing features as long as they follow RFC4180.

  git clone git://


  Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski "Cade"
        <> <> <>