Data::Vitals::Underarm - A measurement of the circumference of the torso underneath the arms


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Data::Vitals::Underarm is part of the Perl "Vital Statistics" Library.

It is a very simple class that allows you to create objects that represent a single measurement of the circumference of the human torso taken underneath the arms.

In women, this is used along with Data::Vitals::Chest in one of the two methods used to determine bra size, particularly nursing bras.

Taking this Measurement

The underarm measurement is generally taken with a tape measure around the torso at a position just underneath the arms, while standing straight and breathing normally. It should be as high as possible while still comfortable. Do not agressively force the tape into the arm pits.

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Data::Vitals::Underarm is implemented primarily in Data::Vitals::Circumference and shares all its methods.

Data::Vitals::Underarm does not have any additional methods unique to it.


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