Date::Holidays::GB - Determine British holidays - Current UK public and bank holiday dates up to 2021


    use Date::Holidays::GB qw/ holidays is_holiday next_holiday /;

    # All UK holidays
    my $holidays = holidays( year => 2013 );

    # Holidays in England & Wales and Scotland
    my $holidays = holidays( year => 2013, regions => [ 'EAW', 'SCT' ] );

    if (is_holiday(
            year => 2013, month => 12, day => 25,
            regions => [ 'EAW', 'SCT' ] )
    ) {
        print "No work today!";

    # simpler "date" parameter (from v0.014)
    if ( is_holiday( date => '2013-12-25' ) ) {
        print "No work today!";

    # returns hashref of next holiday dates for regions (default all regions,
    # individually and together)
    my $next_holiday = next_holiday();
    my $next_holiday = next_holiday( 'EAW', 'NIR' );


A Date::Holidays style package updated with the British bank holiday dates now published at Holidays may apply to all regions, or some combination - see the regions parameter for more details.

N.B. - Dates of future holidays may occasionally be updated after they've been published.

Module is named with correct ISO-3166-1 code for the United Kingdom: "GB" (Great Britain)

To just work with holiday days for a single region, use one of the subclasses: Date::Holidays::GB::EAW, Date::Holidays::GB::NIR, or Date::Holidays::GB::SCT.


Exports holidays, is_holiday, next_holiday on demand. Also can export the aliases gb_holidays, is_gb_holiday and next_gb_holiday.


Both is_holiday and holidays take either an argument list or hash of named arguments.

The named arguments are year, month, day, and region. region should be either omitted (to search all regions) or an arrayref of the UK regions that you are interested in, as ISO-3166-2 codes.

The argument list should be in the following order: year, month, day, and (optionally) regions.

Note that you will need to specify region(s) to make correct use of this module - Bank Holidays are not the same throughout the UK!


    # year, month, day, [regions]
    my $holidays = Date::Holidays::GB->holidays( @args );


    # ( year => ..., month => ..., day => ..., [ regions => \@. .. ] )
    my $holidays = Date::Holidays::GB->holidays( %args );

Returns hashref of holiday dates, values are a string listing the holiday(s) taking place on that date, with the region name(s) in parenthesis.

Holidays that occur in all regions are returned with a single canonical name, taken from the name in England & Wales.

Date keys are in the format MMDD, as per the behaviour of Date::Holidays.


    # year, month, day, [regions]
    my $holiday = Date::Holidays::GB->is_holiday( @args );


    # date in YYYY-MM-DD format
    # ( date => ..., [ regions => \@. .. ] )
    my $holiday = Date::Holidays::GB->is_holiday( %args );


    # ( year => ..., month => ..., day => ..., [ regions => \@. .. ] )
    my $holiday = Date::Holidays::GB->is_holiday( %args );

Returns the holiday details (as per holidays) but for a single date. Returns false if the specified date is not a holiday in the appropriate region(s).


    my $next_holiday = Date::Holidays::GB->next_holiday( @regions );

Returns the holiday details for the next holiday in the specified regions. If no regions are specified, returns the next holiday dates for all regions.

The all key in the results is the next holiday observed by all regions.


    print Date::Holidays::GB->date_generated;

Prints the date that the data was downloaded, in YYYY-MM-DD format.


Valid codes for the regions that make up ISO-3166-1 "GB" are:

  • EAW - England & Wales

  • SCT - Scotland

  • NIR - Northern Ireland


The source for this package is generated via a script, included with the distribution (share/ This downloads the latest JSON files from, and could be used to update/alter the package if necessary.



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Michael Jemmeson <>


Peter Newman


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