Date::Holidays::PF - Determine French Polynesia holidays


  use Date::Holidays::PF;
  for my $year (2017 .. 2027) {
        print $year,"\n";
        my @JF = ((1,1),(3,5),get_vendredisaint($year),get_lundipaques($year),(5,1),(5,8),get_ascension($year),get_pentecost($year),(6,29),(7,14),(8,15),(11,1),(11,11),(12,25));
        use List::Util qw( pairs );
        foreach my $pair ( pairs @JF) {
                my ($month, $day)= @$pair;
                print "$year,$month,$day ", is_pf_holiday($year,$month,$day),"\n";


is_pf_holiday method return true value when the day is holiday.

There is 14 holidays in French Polynesia.

  • 1er janvier : Nouvel an

  • 3 mars : arrivée de l'évangile

  • vendredi saint

  • Lundi de Pâques

  • 1er mai : Fête du travail

  • 8 mai : Armistice 39-45

  • Ascension

  • Lundi de Pentecôte

  • 29 juin : fête de l'autonomie

  • 14 juillet : Fête nationale

  • 15 août : Assomption

  • 1er novembre : Toussaint

  • 11 novembre : Armistice 14-18

  • 25 décembre : Noël

Easter is computed with Date::Easter module.

Vendredi saint is 2 days before easter

Ascension is 39 days after easter.

Pentecost is 50 days after easter.


is_pf_holiday($year, $month, $day)

Returns the name of the holiday in french polynesia that falls on the given day, or undef if there is none.


Returns the month and day of easter day for the given year.


Returns the month and day of vendredi saint day for the given year.


Returns the month and day of ascension day for the given year.


Returns the month and day of pentecost day for the given year.


Please report any requests, suggestions or bugs via the RT bug-tracking system at or email to bug-Date-Holidays-PF\ is the RT queue for Date::Holidays::PF. Please check to see if your bug has already been reported.


Copyright 2017

Dominix based on Date::Holidays::FR by Fabien Potencier,

This software may be freely copied and distributed under the same terms and conditions as Perl.


perl(1), Date::Holidays::UK, Date::Holidays::FR.

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