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Date::QuarterOfYear - calculate what quarter a given date is in


 use Date::QuarterOfYear qw/ quarter_of_year /;

 $q = quarter_of_year('2013-02-17');        # '2013-Q1'
 $q = quarter_of_year($epoch);              # '2013-Q1'
 $q = quarter_of_year({ year => 2012, month => 8, day => 9 });

 ($year, $quarter) = quarter_of_year($epoch);


Date::QuarterOfYear provides a single function, quarter_of_year, which takes a date and returns what quarter that date is in. The input date can be specified in various ways, and the result will either be returned as a string of the form 'YYYY-QN' (eg '2014-Q2'), or as a list ($year, $quarter).

 $time             = time();
 $qstring          = quarter_of_year($time);
 ($year, $quarter) = quarter_of_year($time);

This is a very simple module, and there are other modules that can calculate the quarter for you. But I have similar code in multiple places where I don't want to load DateTime just for this.


DateTime has several features related to quarters: given a DateTime instance, the quarter method returns a number between 1 and 4. The day_of_quarter method returns a number between 1 and the number of days in the quarter. The quarter_name method returns a locale-specific name for the quarter.

Date::Format provides a time2str function that will generate the quarter number (1..4).

Time::Moment also provides a quarter method that returns the quarter number for a given date.



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