Db::Documentum - Documentum API interface for Perl.


        use Db::Documentum qw(:all);

        scalar = dmAPIGet(<method>);
        $sessionID = dmAPIGet("connect,docbase,username,password");

        scalar = dmAPIExec(<method>);
        $rv = dmAPIExec("next,c,$collection_id");

        scalar = dmAPISet(<method>,<value>);
        $api_stat = dmAPISet("set,c,last,object_name","My Document");

    See scripts in /etc for more examples.


The Db::Documentum module provides a Perl interface to the client API libraries for the Documentum Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS98/4i/5). You must have already obtained the necessary libraries and purchased the necessary licenses from Documentum before you can build this module. For more information on Documentum, see

This module provides an interface to the three listed API functions: dmAPIGet, dmAPIExec, and dmAPISet. For most purposes, these are the only functions you need to use, as the bulk of the API is implemented as server methods accessed by one of the API commands. dmAPIExec returns a scalar (1 or 0) which can be evaluated to determine success (1 for success, 0 for failure). dmAPISet also returns a scalar, but takes two arguments, the method argument and the value to use. dmAPIGet takes a single argument and returns a string containing the results. This string, which may contain an object or query collection identifier can be used later with other method calls.

This module, by default, does not import all of its symbols into the calling package's namespace. Therefore, the Documentum API commands must be called with the fully-qualified package path:


To use the module functions without having to supply the module name, use the second form of the "use" statement shown here:

        use Db::Documentum qw (:all);

That said, check your Documentum documentation for complete information on how to interact with the Documentum server.

Check the version of this module with: >perl -MDb::Documentum -e Db::Documentum::version


There is none, implied, expressed, or otherwise. We are providing this gratis, out of the goodness of our hearts. If it breaks, you get what you paid for.


The Documentum perl extension may be redistributed under the same terms as Perl. The Documentum EDMS is a commercial product. The product name, concepts, and even the mere thought of the product are the sole property of Documentum, Inc. and its shareholders.


M. Scott Roth,