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Dblink - Perl Wrapper for postgresql dblink contrib module


  use Dblink;

Dblink is a perl wrapper for postgresql dblink contrib module. Refer the document on dblink contrib which is shipped with the source of postgresql for details.


Before using this module, please ensure to install dblink 0.5 contrib module in the destination postgresql database. If it is not installed, the creation of the remote view would fail.

This module is available along with the source code of postgresql. If you have not yet downloaded the source code of postgresql, you can visit the below link to know the postgresql mirror websites. Locate one of the nearest mirror and download postgresql.

create_remote_view(sdbh, ddbh, prepend, table);

    source database handle (returned by DBI->connect)
    dest. database handle (returned by DBI->connect)
    text to be prepended to the view (default: dbl_)
    table for which the view is to be created

If the table is foo, then the name of the view is dbl_foo.

Should you require further clarification, please contact me.


A.Bhuvaneswaran <>

Feel free to contact me. Please don't forget to mention the version you use.


perl(1), DBI(1),

README.dblink which is shipped with postgresql source