Debug::Runopt - Customize how to run debugger Specify configurable debug options as part of rc file ie .perldb or ~/.perldb under Unix. Specify runtime debug commands into a file and source to debugger - works for interactive/non interactive both modes


  use Debug::Runopt;


      - Initializes debugger with a few default parse options eg.
        NonStop=1 LineInfo=db.out AutoTrace=1 frame=6
        No source command file given, debugger goes through normal execution flow.


      - Default parameters for parse_options, commands read from tmp.cmd

  Debug::Runopt::init({'src'=>'tmp.cmd', 'interactive' => 0, 'outputfile' => 'debug.out',
                     'autotrace' => 0, 'frame' => 2});

      - Sets parse_options as NonStop=0 LineInfo=debug.out AutoTrace=0 frame=2

  Debug::Runopt::init({'src'=>'tmp.cmd','parseoptions' => 'blah blah'});

      - Sets parse_options("blah blah");

  Debug::Runopt::init({'freecontent' => 'free form text blah blah....'});
      - Writes 'free form text blah blah' to rc file as is.
        Care should be taken while passing content like this.


      - This can be optionally called at the end of the debuuged program
        if rc files created needs to be cleaned up                


  This module tries to make debugging easy by letting user specify configurable
  options particulary when running in non-interactive mode.

  Apart from the configurable options, a source can be created on the run with user
  specified contents and run with debugger.


  init() :: public

      - Initializes configurable options and rc file if any.

  end() :: public

      - Cleans up rc files created during execution if any.

  setParseOptions :: private

      - Sets up parse_options and other configurable directives.

  setSourceFile :: private

      - Creates rc file if required.


  It works only for a few versions of Unix/Linux.
  Further improvement plan involves avoiding creating of rc file and using debug hooks. 

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Copyright 2013 Debashish Parasar, all rights reserved.

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