Defined::KV - Create a KV pair, but only if the value is defined


    use Defined::KV;
    use Test::More;

    my $foo;
    my $bar = 1;
    my $baz = 0;

    my %dict = (
      defined_kv(foo => $foo),
      defined_kv(bar => $bar),
      defined_kv(baz => $baz),

    is_deeply(\%dict, { bar => 1, baz => 0 });


Defined::KV exports a single function, defined_kv. Call it with two arguments. If the second argument is defined, both are returned, otherwise nothing is returned.

This exists to replace this construct:

    (defined $v ? ($k => $v) : ())

with something less awkward and repetetive, namely:

    defined_kv($k => $v)


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