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Devel::Spy::Util - Utility functions for Devel::Spy


FUNCTION = Devel::Spy::Util->Y( FUNCTION )

The Y combinator. See http://use.perl.org/~Aristotle/journal/30896 for the scoop. Devel::Spy uses it to make functions that support the following snippet.

  while ( ... ) {
      $logger = $logger->();
VALUE = Devel::Spy::Util->compile_this( SOURCE CODE )

Compiles SOURCE CODE and returns it. It throws an exception if the result is false.

LOCATION = Devel::Spy::Util->comes_from

Returns a string showing the file and line number that called into Devel::Spy.

WRAPPED OBJECT = Devel::Spy::Util->wrap_thing( OBJECT, CODE )
WRAPPED OBJECT = Devel::Spy::Util->wrap_thing( REFERENCE, CODE )
VALUE = Devel::Spy::Util->wrap_thing( VALUE, CODE )

If the "thing" passed in as the first parameter is any kind of reference or object it is returned in a Devel::Spy::Tie* wrapper.

This is how Devel::Spy tracks accesses to hashes and other references.


Devel::Spy, Devel::Spy::_obj, Devel::Spy::TieHash, Devel::Spy::TieArray, Devel::Spy::TieScalar, Devel::Spy::TieHandle