Device::Chip::AVR_HVSP::FuseInfo - information about device fuses


Objects in this class contain information about the configuration fuses of a single AVR HVSP-programmable device. These instances may be useful for encoding and decoding the fuse bytes, for display or other purposes in some user-interactive manner.


$fuseinfo = Device::Chip::AVR_HVSP::FuseInfo->for_part( $part )

Returns a new Device::Chip::AVR_HVSP::FuseInfo instance containing information about the fuses for the given part name.


@fuses = $fuseinfo->fuses

Returns a list of objects, each one representing a single configuration fuse. Each has the following fields:

 @values = $fuse->values

If the values method gives a non-empty list of values, then the fuse is an enumeration; otherwise it is a simple boolean true/false flag. For enumeration fuses, each value item has the following fields:


%fields = $fuseinfo->unpack( $bytes )

Given a byte string containing all the fuses read from the device, unpacks them and returns a key-value list giving the current value of every fuse.

$bytes = $fuseinfo->pack( %fields )

Given a key-value list containing fuse values, packs them into a byte string suitable to write onto the device and returns it.


Paul Evans <>