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Device::ParallelPort::drv::script - Call a script to do your hardware actions


This basic drive allows you to write a completely seperate piece of code to control the bits, and still allow the usual interface. This is fairly pointeless interface by itself but does allow for testing and unusal circumstances.

Really there is not much point in this module, however it was useful at one time to me, and therefore may be to others.


Operating System

Totally depends on the scripts available... but this code is independent.

Special Requirements

Anything special about the scripts, eg: root/not etc. If the script requires root access then so does this system (unless you are using unix setuid)

Script parameters

The script has the following substituted before execution automatically. Things like port should be included in the parameter automatically.

        {offset}        Which byte to set, from 0
        {byte}          What is the byte to set



This system can only write a byte to the output script, it uses the previouslly set values to return the current state of the output.

If you want to set the base port address, that is up to you in the script. For example your script could be along the lines of

        myscript 0x378 {offset} {byte}


Copyright (c) 2002,2004 Scott Penrose. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Scott Penrose scottp@dd.com.au, http://linux.dd.com.au/