Dist::Zilla::App::Command::kwalitee - calculate CPANTS kwalitee score for your dist


 dzil kwalitee [ --core | -c ] [ --experimental | -e ]
               [ --verbose | -v ]


This command is a thin wrapper around the functionality in App::CPANTS::Lint, which is itself a wrapper around functionality in Module::CPANTS::Analyse.

From within the top directory of your distribution you can run:

 % dzil kwalitee

Which saves you from having to run:

 % dzil build
 % <tarball>

You might argue that if you're "doing Dist::Zilla right", then you shouldn't need to run ``, but when I'm adopting distributions and switching them to Dist::Zilla I find myself running the two commands above.


App::CPANTS::Lint does the actual work of this command. It is the core of the script.

Module::CPANTS::Analyse is the module behind App::CPANTS::Lint, which actually does the analysis.

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Kwalitee is a plugin that generates a release test using Test::Kwalitee.

CPANTS is the website where you can see the Kwalitee score for all distributions on CPAN. As a CPAN author you can see a dashboard for all your dists. For example, my PAUSE id is NEILB, so my dashboard is at:


Neil Bowers <>


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